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New Guests...



      I can't wait to meet you. Once you've arrived at the salon, we'll have an in depth consultation about your hair.  Your previous likes and of course your dislikes.  What your lifestyle is and how much time you're willing to give each day for your new look.  We'll go over what your hair journey goals are.  How you'd like it to look and feel.  Its then you can sit back and relax.  Get a little time for yourself; get pampered.  Enjoy a cappuccino or glass of wine. 

     I also will record everything we've discussed down to your color formula.  Creating a road map for your hair destination.  You'll gain insight on home routine, product use and how to maintain until your next appointment. Keeping hair healthy is my top priority while giving you tips to use at home for the ease of your hectic mornings.  We'll wrap up our session with a pre-booked appointment assuring time for yourself to look and feel your best.  

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