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Beauty Tips



Have you ever gone in for a trim and told you needed much more to keep it healthy?  If your hair has seen better days, be mindful of these tips to keep it healthy.  

  Unless your hair is extremely oily~try avoiding the every day shampoo.  Dry shampoo can be very helpful in extending it a day.

   Routine hair appointments.  I know~ I know but you want it to grow.  Believe me....I want you happy.  Trimming it wont keep it from growing.  Hair will unravel further up the hair strand when it splits.  Taking a little off now will help keep it LONG.  

  Professional products.  I HONESTLY recommend these.  Your hair is the crown you never take off.  Treat it like so.  Spending money on professional services while your treating your hair  with off the shelf products is going to leave your hair dull and dry.  

  Scrunchies have made a come back.  Use them.  You'll be less likely get breakage as they aren't as tight on your strands as elastic hair ties.     

  Heat is not your friend.  If you're blowing and hitting it with a rod- please use a good heat protectant  Those little hairs around your face are not always new growth.  Feel for cool spots before putting the heat to it.  If so.... its still wet.  


Keeping it healthy 2018!  Balayage while

  Who doesn't love a new color?   If at all possible wait at least 24 hours after a color service to shampoo.  This will insure time for your hair to lock in the color.  Washing away a little of what you just paid good money for.

  Turn down the hot water.   This also opens the cuticle.  Try a cool rinse.  This will not only prolong your color but help lock out environmental  elements that can dull our hair.    

  Use a leave-in treatment to protect when styling.  This will also help against sun and pool exposure.  Think of our hair as a sponge.  Fill the porosity with conditioners and good stuff.... leaving less room for the pool water to soak in.  

  Living in Florida we're exposed to the sunshine all year.  Not only will throwing a hat on when outside help with fading but what it could do for your skin could be life changing.  

  Again, professional product is your friend.  Shampoo and conditioners off the shelf are not created equal.  Do yourself a favor and take care of your investment.  Please also buy from your stylist.  Support small business if possible~ you may be surprised as some do a price match.  


Final tip....Darkest brown to blonde.  Don't let filters-Pinterest and unexperienced stylists take you for a ride.  Is it possible?  YES in time, a few sessions.  With the right bonders and time.  It may not be what you want to hear but I'd rather you keep your hair on your head and not in the shampoo bowl.

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